EDitorial ± 27-Mar-2002

Going Dutch

To Amsterdam this past weekend: hoorah! Without the kids too: double hoorah! Vrijdag, Zaterdag and Zondag were powered by:

Eurostar / boiled egg breakfast in bed / steppin' out in front of bikes / Johnny Jordaan / Australian chocolate truffles / Rommelmarkt flea market / drop / Indian at Himalaya / getting lost / the Golden Bend / Gary's muffins / Dom Joly accents / Sam Taylor-Wood's still life / Indonesian rijsttafel at the Sea Temple / Seinfeld & Watley / aching legs

Canal boat   Johnny Meijer, accordionist

Figurehead   Watch out, a tram!   No parking   Skinny bridge

Begijnhof   Van Gogh mural   Rijksmuseum

Tot ziens!