EDitorial ± 24-Mar-2003

Total Cycle Path

In EDitorial number 3 (from October 2000, a world that knew nothing of Gareth Gates, Wayne Rooney and shock 'n' awe), and already showing clear signs of running out of ideas, I started with the words "I bike to work". Which was true, and which continued to be the case for the next 26 months, come rain or snow or ice or shine. Apart from when the mean machine was at the mender's to replace all the rusty bits.

I was the easy rider: the trip took all of ten minutes door-to-door, and that included time to fumble with my over-the-top Krypton lock. Apart from the time I arrived in the cycle park area to discover that my twenty quid security device had fallen off en route. Bottoms.

Biking to this side of the town centre was lemon squeezy. However, new job, new office seven or so miles out of town. Cue the car. Hop in, on goes Radio 5 Live, foot down, see ya see ya b-b-be ya.

St Matthew's Parish, Bury 25, Ipswich 1   J Garrett, Iron Founder, St Margaret's, Ipswich, 1818: Rushmere to London 71, Yarmouth 52, Woodbridge 5, Ipswich 2, Colchester 20   Kesgrave to London 72, Yarmouth 51, Ipswich 3
Milestones passed biking to Martlesham

In my decade of previous permanent employment at the ultra-tech boffinville of BT Labs, I'd travelled by pedal-power, on average, less than once a year. Have you seen that Valley Road incline? Goes on forever!

Finally, Friday just gone, time had come to re-apply some 3-in-1 (to the chain and my knees) and re-don the silver go-faster cycling helmet. First half of the journey was the worst part: round the unforgiving ring road, all too aware of the gradients and road surfaces that you happily ignore in the motor.

Second half was great! Weaving its way through the estate that's sprung up in the last ten years is a series of purpose-built cycle paths, vaguely reminiscent of the Romney, Hythe and Dymchurch Railway's route down to Dungeness. There are underpasses, narrow lanes, a gravelly bit to worry non-mountain bike riders, and even a 90 degree bend between six-foot high fencing. Top fun.

If You Take Away With You Nothing Else

Go to work on a bike:

  1. you'll feel better, eventually, once the sweating subsides
  2. two words: cyclists dismount - I think not
  3. very old joke: Norse god of thunder is out riding across the plains, and shouts to the sky, "I'm Thor!" - horse turns around and says, "You forgot your thaddle, thilly"

Be seeing you!