EDitorial ± 21-Jun-2004

Ks Are Kaptivating

Derived from the Greek kappa, meaning overpriced sportswear, and often popping round to J's next door to borrow a cup of sugar and to gossip about the noises emanating from L's place, today's show is brought to you by the letter K.
That's my family, Kay. It's not me.
— Al Pacino as Michael Corleone, The Godfather (1972)

Not to mention kaccha, kangha, kara, kesh and kirpan:

  • K:
    1024 bytes, which is two to the power of ten — hey, maths can be fun! Its appropriation to mean £1000 was frowned on by all students of CompSci and gave us all something to complain about, providing some consolation for not being invited to any parties.
  • 1K:
    Total RAM of Mr Sinclair's ZX81 from way back in 1981. One of my early Saturday jobs was working at Green's electrical store next to Debenham's in central Ipswich, where I remember the manager telling me the ZX81's best use was as a ping-pong bat.
  • K:
    Central character of The Castle, one of the unfinished novels of Franz "Two Ks" Kafka. As with any new job, K turns up only to find that no-one is expecting him and that he's entered a labyrinthine bureaucracy.
  • Special K:
    Get your bikini body in three weeks: yeah, right.
  • KK:
    Co-founder of the hi-tech and hi-gloss Wired magazine, Kevin Kelly has part of his website at www.kk.org dedicated to Cool Tools. Well worth a browse every month or so.
  • KK:
    Or could be Kevin Keelan, the long time ago not-a-typo goalie from Norwich City. As Google says: did you mean Kevin Keegan? No!
  • 5K (i):
    Gail, after many many years avoiding athletics, ran a 5K race yesterday, the Tesco-sponsored Race For Life. Which I wouldn't have believed even a month ago. Hats off to both her and Sarah-down-the-road.
  • 5K (ii):
    That Paula Radcliffe was also running a 5K yesterday, her first track race for well over a year. Best she could do, poor lass, was to become the third fastest woman ever at that distance. At least she tried.
  • 5K (iii):
    There's an occasional competition held on the web called the 5K, the idea being to produce an entire website in less than 5K of space, which ain't much, with total prize money of 5120 (5K exactly) US cents. Some of the entries are amazingly inventive.
  • KKK:
    See the Coen Brothers' O Brother Where Art Thou?
  • 16K:
    Cue MJ Hibbett: Hey Hey 16K, what does that get you today?
  • 48K:
    Our much-loved first home computer, the Oric-1 (namechecked in MJH's song), had 48K of RAM; more than you could possibly need! Well, enough to play The Hobbit, Xenon 1 and Zorgon's Revenge.

(That's enough Ks — Ed)

Be seeing you!