EDitorial ± 19-Jul-2004

If It Ain't Busted

A mellow Friday evening in Christchurch Park, Ipswich's homespun version of Central Park minus the zoo, the ice rink, and so forth. You'd be guaranteed to find kids running around the playground, dogs and their owners out for a stroll, and folks generally ambling aimlessly enjoying the parklife.

Tonight is different: about a quarter of the park has been fenced off. Admission past "crowd security" is by ticket only. Within, up and down hippy hill, are some 15,000 people, largely kids accompanied by parents, here to see the beat combo known as Busted.

I'd guess that having had three number one singles already is good for business, though undoubtedly part of the attraction for those present is the return of 19 year old Charlie Simpson, another local boy done good, born in the town and who went to Ipswich (public) School, opposite the park.

McFly on stage   James in hat

Top Ten Signs You're At A Busted Gig

  1. video screen warms up crowd by showing Balamory highlights
  2. mosh pit replaced by a soft play area
  3. Teenage Kicks assumed to be original material
  4. warning notices saying No Fruit Shoot Bottles Within Sight Of The Stage
  5. band's set list kept on the official Etch-A-Sketch
  6. McFly forced off early by parents turning off amps saying I Thought I Told You To Get to Bed!
  7. complete absence of lighters during slower songs
  8. plenty of tour T-shirts left in sizes M and L but 9-11 sold out
  9. those things being passed around that look like Smarties? they're actually Smarties
  10. final number: Creched The Wedding

Be seeing you!