EDitorial ± 31-Aug-2004

Comes Great Responsibility

Seen the Spider-Man films? Note, by the way, that hyphen and the capitalized letter M. Shows that I know what I'm talking about does that. I'd say that number two is at least as good as number one, possibly better. Rare is the sequel that is greater than or equal.

Flash back a year to when The Boy received his Spider-Man outfit. Now outgrown, he was fortunate enough to be given a new one for his recent birthday. And so it was that on a damp Sunday morning, for want of something else to occupy the kids, his father thought that it would be amusing to re-enact some key scenes.

Feel the pain as our hero tries to halt the runaway train

That notorious elevator scene

Coming to MJ's help in Doc Ock's dockside lair

Every expense spared on the sets.

Be seeing you!