EDitorial ± 11-Feb-2005


A quiet day in the office, and the newly appointed office manager is inspecting the daily delivery of free-to-employees fruit, our fringe benefits of bananas, Braeburns and black grapes. Now, his desk is a hop skip and jump away, and I suggest to him that he needs some means of remote surveillance, like CCTV, a FruitCam, if you will.

This gets the creative juices flowing in some of us, and things happen:

  1. colleague A produces an unused tiny digital camera,
  2. colleague B turns up some webcam software,
  3. colleague C knocks up a hasty web page,
  4. and colleague D devises an appropriately placed instant company logo by Blu Tack-ing a mousemat to the wall.

Behold a typical snap from the results of our team efforts:

I want a banana
I want a banana
Bring me back a banana, sailor boy
— Arthur Askey, I Wanna Banana

Inspiration for this wonder of the 21st century came from the Cambridge Coffee Pot, one of the first devices connected to the Internet. Follow that link on the right hand side to read this terrific story.

Any road up, our 'Cam is going great guns (every sixty seconds), with viewers in the London office admiring our bountiful bowls, and the odd voyeur from company outposts in Malaysia, etc. And, most importantly, colleagues A through to D went home that day feeling a rare sense of achievement for a job well done.

Be seeing you!