EDitorial ± 21-Feb-2005

Junk Mail Jr.

We recreated that scene from Witness over the weekend where Harrison Ford, the world's second best known carpenter, helps the Amish people to raise a barn. Strictly speaking we were indoors (bloomin' nippy out) deconstructing an Ikea bed, but I imagine it felt pretty much the same, manhandling wood and Allen keys.

Eldest is having her room redone. Possibly related to this, some word-processed rules have just been Blu Tack-ed to her door. There's five in total; this is number three:

You've got to hate Charlie a bit for leaving BUSTED

She's now asking whether she can have an email address. Tricky one, that. As much as anything I'm concerned about all that filthy junk mail. Now, if only kids had their own specialist spam...

Spam for kids no.1

Spam for kids no.2

Spam for kids no.3

As Wallace famously remarks to Gromit in the opening scene of A Grand Day Out (although he's taking about Bank Holidays), "it's a problem".

Be seeing you!