EDitorial ± 22-Mar-2005

To Be Ten Again

Sorry and all that: been webbing again for the benefit of others, or so I like to think. Thought I ought to make a teensy bit of time for a quick note before I carry on with the good work.

  Recall that The Boy had a bad dream that shook him up? About a witch who came in through his window?

So we open a newly borrowed library book last night — Me And My Cat by Satoshi Kitamura — and there, on the first page, in a room which exactly mirrors the position of his bed & window, is a picture of a little boy cowering under the covers while a witch climbs in through his window.


Meanwhile, eldest, who's just reached double figures, was slumped over her plate at the dinner table this evening. Her younger sister then explained to me that eldest had a new notice on her bedroom door that I should see.

Evidently not the best of days for eldest, though I'm not sure why. She explained to me that she'd done it in felt tip 'cos she wasn't happy enough to draw it on the computer.

Fair enough.


Which left middle-one to pen a new song before going to bed:

Broken Heart

I've got a broken heart
The wind and the rain and the stars and the sunshine
The waves slap the thunder claps
I'll never see those angels again
I'm sorrounded by devils
La la la la la la la la broken
I'll never be in heaven again

To be sure, I'm living in the Happy Happy Joy Joy House.

Be seeing you!