EDitorial ± 21-Jul-2005

Call Me Montgomery

Glorious Sunday at Walberswick. Inevitable queue to park tho' mightily impressed by the efficiency of the yellow-vested attendants, one even cycling around hunting down that elusive space.

Sausage, not bhaji, on the beach, plus an inflatable shark and tunnelling under the sand: competitive dad does sandcastles.

Headed off late afternoon to find the ice-cream van still doing well - I had the oyster perpetual - then down the coast to go and stand in line at the famed Aldeburgh chippy. Lovely thick chips and fresh cod with mushy pea accompaniment, washed down with dandelion & burdock. Doesn't get much better.
And I'll burn forever
I can't face the shame
--- Muse, Sunburn
Only when taking off my shirt that night did I discover that I'd stupidly failed to splash some Soltan on my lower back. As Spud says, "stupid, stupid, stupid!"

Four days later it's pimpling up nicely.