EDitorial ± 1-Aug-2005

Sandy, Beds.

Not the requisite eight hours shut-eye last night. Beginning to drift off when The Boy scuttled on to the bed and quickly burrowed himself under the covers before his father could protest.

Several hours later The Middler appeared, as if by magic, claiming a bad dream. At which point her father carried the mostly-still-asleep Boy back to his bed where, miraculously, he stayed put.

Good, thought the parent: Dr Who still has the power to upset small children. Yes, the DVD had a "12" certificate, but one's eight and the other's five which makes 13, i.e. one more than you need.

Returning to his own bunk, the children's father felt obliged to brush off the thin covering of sand on the sheet. Which is what happens what person A is reading the book (HP6) previously enjoyed by person B on Walberswick Beach.