EDitorial ± 5-Aug-2005

Chewing Gum Is Really Gross

Thursday evening saw 80% of the family at the local flicks for the latest Tim Burton / Johnny Depp joint venture, C&TCF. Actually 20% of us (being 25% of those present) was there with her own friends, and the remaining 20% was having a pre-hols leg wax, priorities being what they are.

Marvellous looking film right from the opening scenes showing the chocolate bar production line and the Golden Tickets being seeded. How can they guarantee that the five special bars will be dispatched to different parts of the world? I like to worry about such insignificant matters, as others concern themselves with non-existent cameras on Hotblack Desiato's remote controlled vehicle.

The Bucket family look like they need a helping hand from Bob Geldof. Mum is none other than Helena Bonham-Carter, a long way from the church of Santa Croce.

My own stupid fault that I missed a couple of scenes: you think you're being thoughtful by taking a drink for the kids, but what goes in must come out (fairly soon afterwards). I joined in the spirit of the film by devouring a giant 25p Swizzel stick plus a handful of dolly mixtures washed down with a choccy Frijj milkshake. Great being an adult at times, since I hadn't even had my tea beforehand!