EDitorial ± 27-Aug-2005

Oh One Oh Three AM

It's just gone 1am and here I am in front of the flat screen. Harry Potter mug of drinking choc (fridge is crammed with milk) and small bowl of homemade granola (wifey following Nigella's recipe) have been consumed.

General sense of well-being mightily aided by having actually accomplished stuff: (1) to update a friend's website gratis; said I'd do this last weekend, then promised I'd do it tonight, and (2), er, to update another site, this time in return for some free cake & coffee. It's all good.

Also adding to the overall pleasantness is Rufus Wainwright singing his showtunes in the background and the thought of a lie-in tomorrow. Ah.

Think I just heard the sound of tiny footsteps on the landing. May well have to turf youngest out of my bed when I head up shortly. Like the thoughtful dad I am, I checked his own bed earlier on (once he was in the land of the fairies) and removed the large marbles nestling against his side that he'd been playing with when the lights went out. Slumberdown City is calling me if I can only stop typ..