EDitorial ± 1-Sep-2005

Day 1 === The Forgettable First

Four chipolatas
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It was the first of September, a day I'll struggle to recall. Never could rhyme.

In the States they have NaNoWriMo, where anyone game enough can attempt to write a 50,000 word novel. In just one month. Heck, I thought, if people can do that then I can at least write a few words every day for a month, that month being September 2005.

First few minutes of 'tember found me scanning the back of a used crisp packet and keying the dot matrix style alphabetic characters into a text message. Walkers are giving away a silver iPod every 300 seconds this month, you see, and you've got to be in it to stand a chance. Darn those rhymes. Didn't win in the 00:05 draw - they're good enough to send you back a little "Sorry..." message after the event - but am looking forward to seeing their stats online showing number of entries per five minute period, etc.

Best thing about work today was lunchtime: 20 minutes of ping-pong followed by bakery pasty plus latte over a game of speedy chess. Two games, actually: I fell to fool's mate in a couple of mins, so we had a rematch. Checkmate to me after half an hour, hurrah!

Biked home playing a half hearted game of Consecutive Number Plate Spotting - I believe Mr Herring has the rules. In the time it took to get home, I'd seen stacks of 02s, 03s, etc., but not a single dang 01, hence I failed to even get started. Did this new numbering scheme begin with 51 and not 01? Do all the 01 drivers like to stay late, impressing no-one with their presenteeism? Are they all lapping up the sun in Provence? Maybe there was an 01 rally at Duxford today?

Oh well, at least 66.6% of the kids enjoyed their Asda Extra Special Premium Pork Chipolatas.