EDitorial ± 6-Sep-2005

Day 6 === The Sweaty Sixth

Lunchtime footy vs. a team comprised of the young whippershappers who work on the other side of the corridor for a different small company. Five-a-side, barely a break, well beaten 10-5. Oh well.

Showered but could not get dry. Got dressed anyway to avoid some strange looks in the office that afternoon, and sat at my desk with the droplets doing what they do best, i.e. dropping. Even considered changing back into my yellow Lance top. Cold, cold sweat, baby.

Home, and coming out of next door's upstairs window (home to a teenager) wasn't The Killers or Kaiser Chiefs but a tune that took me back over twenty years: How Soon Is Now by The (Mighty) Smiths. Don't think it was on the radio, so have to assume that moody nearly-adults still mooch over Morrissey. Memories of Andy Kershaw on an old Whistle Test saying that the only band to be remembered from the 80s would be The Smiths; maybe he was right. All together now: "I am human and I need to be loved..."