EDitorial ± 8-Sep-2005

Day 8 === The Acoustic Eighth

A surreal time was had by all of us at The Living Room in Cambridge tonight. J + S + me were irresistibly drawn there by an acoustic appearance by MJ Hibbett, who comes from the fens. We'd initially thought he was top of the bill (of four acts), then found he was bottom and therefore on first at 8.30am sharp.

Alas, the good & generous folk who run The 'Room - actually the basement of a rather nice food plus drink plus internet establishment - had seen fit to allow an uninvited act to open the show. On to the sofa came a Bill Bailey lookalike to do an angst ridden set concluding with a six minute song about Chelmsford. Next!

The evening's compere, a chappy named Lord Bridge c/w smoking jacket and free sweets, gave a quick spiel for each act interspersed with some terrible jokes. As MJ said, it's like being introduced by a Christmas cracker. Mr Hibbett started well (Peterborough Wide Game) and got better, ending with a very well received Boom Shake The Room. Short, sweet and slick.

Missed one of the bands while we supped double lattes upstairs in a very civilised fashion. Like a different country, is Cambridge: dead continental. Books everywhere, chat, and food served late into the evening. All terribly exotic to us folk from Suffolk.

Back down below on to the cushions for Anton Barbeau c/w furry hat and sweaty hand. Talented chap whose final number had a compelling opening line: "I broke the company rules for you."

Final act, Hush The Many, were mighty good. Charismatic breathy lead singer and friends, inc. cellist, weren't afraid to play quietly and create a lovely atmosphere. Maybe they'll make it.

And now it's way past my bedtime, and on a school night too!