EDitorial ± 13-Sep-2005

Day 13 === The Threadbare Thirteenth

Just done my bit by purchasing the new Help: A Day In The Life album from iTunes for a measly £7.99. Would have thought that the most popular individual track (all available for 79p) was sure to be the new Radiohead or Coldplay song, but it's actually a version of I Heard It Through The Grapevine by - can you guess? - a band with a keyboard player called Peanut. Go find out.

Exciting times on Consecutive Number Plate Spotting. Finally free of the single digits - 1 to 5 are easy thanks to the 01...05 plates, 6 to 9 much less so. A few days back I "parked" number 10; in other words I'd seen it on a car on a driveway en route to work. Couldn't use it at the time, of course, since I was still sweating on 9. I then spotted the 9 and claimed the 10 when I next went past: sweet.

That same journey home I came past the "MK II" plate, which would probably be worth more than the car if that car wasn't a big silver shiny Merc. Didn't seem right to claim this as number 11, so discarded it. Good karma then dealt me a "proper" 11 a couple of miles from home. And that's how things still stand.