EDitorial ± 15-Sep-2005

Day 15 === The Felicitous Fifteenth

Serendipity now!

Stopped at a red light (naturally) down the Woodbridge Road and, seeing a newsagent there on the left, opted to dismount and head in for a Grauniad & bottle o' drink. Paid for the paper and pop and then spotted it there on the counter: a Texan bar!

Very fond memories of this particular confectionery from when I was a kid. It's one of those brands which often merits a mention when discussing choccy bars of yesteryear, that and the Amazin' Raisin bar. I'd seen on Snackspot that it had resurfaced and was anxious to track one down, but had no joy (and the odd strange look) when asking after them in local shops.

Here comes the predictable pronouncement: I'm sure they used to be bigger. Any road up, gave it a good chew along with my lunchtime coffee, and it went down a treat. Lovely.

Also, word reaches me that certain others (you know who you are) are also indulging in a bit of Number Plate Spotting, Consecutively. Remember, don't play when you're driving, kids. Darned if I can find a douze / XII / dodeca on the mean streets of Ipswich. I could stop tomorrow: I won't, but I could.