EDitorial ± 16-Sep-2005

Day 16 === The Sound Sixteenth

Of note today:
  • my dad's 70th birthday; hope he's having fun in Wroxham
  • temperature had suddenly slid to suitable September levels
  • watched & laughed at final Smoking Room; he's out at last
  • staring at me from the car park near the bike sheds was a "12" reg.
  • official word count for The Boy is now 55 words
  • number of ice cream tubs in the freezer: zero
  • Aero Bubbles - half choc, half mint - are more-ish
  • can happily work on computer with Emiliana Torrini in background
  • G. has removed fire guard from front room; been there for nearly ten years
  • at 12:45am The Boy came downstairs to find me here; bit spooky