EDitorial ± 21-Sep-2005

Day 21 === The Taunted Twentyfirst

Rounded a corner on the cycle path this a.m. to find myself facing around five schoolkids riding side by side. Do they not run public information films these days about going single file? Had to brake while a couple of them made way for me, then, when going through the posse, one of them shouted "Helmet!"

OK, I wear a silver cycle helmet, but that's a good thing, right? I believe it's even mandatory in certain countries, and I've long since got over any embarrassment. So I spent the five minute remainder of my journey trying to think of a witty riposte about the dangers of not using one: "Multiple Head Injuries!" was about the best, followed by "Coma!" Poor, I know.

Still scanning registration plates; now searching high and low for a number 14. In the next road along there's a plate ending with "ENO". Did you know that Brian Eno went to art school in Ipswich? Occurred to me that a specialist alternative to CNPS might be to spot cars sporting three character pop music-related registrations, such as OMD, ELO, AHA, ABC and even JEM. Or terrorist organisations: IRA, ETA, etc. I'll stop there.