EDitorial ± 23-Sep-2005

Day 23 === The Tired Twentythird

Been spending a lot of (my own) time on a new website lately, the one that was initially deemed overly arty & clever, ranging from a 2:30am finish last Friday night/morning to too many nearly-1am sessions over the past few nights. And waddya know, a couple of people at work today remarked on my weary appearance and, as a bonus, my eczema has resurfaced. That's the price of making the internet a better place, ha!

Read a piece this afternoon about Discardia, which is basically a nouveau term for chucking things out. I've been making my own attempts at this recently. My approach is to get a bunch of bin bags, a chunky felt tip and a roll of sticky labels, then up we go into the loft. Nearby items are placed into one of three bags:
  1. dump --- most things
  2. sell --- better stuff
  3. charity --- not so good stuff
Some success with this approach, though it does require some discipline to then (1) make that cathartic trip to the tip and (3) cart the charity bags to the charity shop. Keep intending to deal with (2) by having a mass ebay session; haven't done so yet.

Just felt the bumps on my neck: gonna be another late one tonight.