EDitorial ± 24-Sep-2005

Day 24 === The Treading Twentyfourth

There, on a white stretch limo heading into town along Norwich Road, was a "14" regn plate. So that's good. Now where did I see a "15" plate parked up?

To bed around 2:30am this morning. Pretty pleased with progress on website and still looks good in the cold light of day as far as I'm concerned. About to email client: fingers crossed they go for it.

Determined to get rid of the various kids' toys in boxes by my bed - makes for v. poor feng shui - so up they went into the loft. Very much not in the spirit of Discardia, but that's a problem for another day. Maybe tomorrow? Space by the bedside now look stacks better.

Hoorah for vanilla milkshakes in Caffe Nero. Boo for them shutting off the comfy sofas upstairs 90 minutes before the place closes.

An earlyish night awaits.