EDitorial ± 26-Sep-2005

Day 26 === The Torpid Twentysixth

Two words for you: Hot Wheels. The Boy has been having fun crashing a couple of metal cars into each other, and so wanted to take them to school, only for Big Sister to claim ownership and point out that all school-bound toys end up broken. A scrap ensued.

So his Mum took pity and bought him three - count 'em - shiny new Hot Wheels vehicles from Woolies at lunchtime. And very groovy they are. Which got me thinking about the HW track and equipment that me & Big Bro used to play with as kids. Had yellow & orange track galore, plus hairpin corners and U-bends weighed down with sand-filled bases. Not forgetting the Super Booster, a plastic contraption containing a large spinning foam wheel. Your car would roll gently in one side and whoosh out the other. Top fun. Hang on, I've got an idea what The Boy might like for Christmas.