EDitorial ± 28-Sep-2005

Day 28 === The Tepid Twentyeighth

More ping-pong tonight, this time a short bike ride away down at the local conservative club, playing on a table set out on the polished wooden floor - "strictly no smoking on the dancefloor".

Andy got the first maximum of the season - three out of three singles - leaving me and Alec to get a brace each. We both lost to arguably their strongest player: early 70s, uses a bat dating from the 1950s, and did I mention that he had a heavy cold?

CNPS-wise, been becalmed for a fair few days. Then, while waiting ages to pull out of Anglesea Road (I know, should have taken a right down Graham Road), along came a van with a "15" plate, and all was right with the world. Sweet sixteen, here we come.