EDitorial ± 6-Oct-2005

I'm Not Left-Handed Either

I suspect that, like me, you were unaware of Left-Handers Day on August 13th. Well, one of my ping-pong opponents tonight was One Of Those, and for once, we're not talking about someone of advanced years.

In previous seasons he's usually come out on top in our games. Not this time. Apparently he's very recently got a new pair of glasses and was having problems adapting. So much so that frustration got the better of him in the third end: mid-game he took his specs off and left them on a seat, and then he switched briefly to playing with his right hand, all to no avail. Wasn't his night, poor chap.

Later, at the post-match debriefing held at the nearby pub (most pleasant to sit outside under the glare of a patio heater), all three of us ordered smoothies. A barman there used to do a mean "special", making use of whatever desserts had been left spare, so there'd be chunks of cheesecake or After Eight in the mix: yum. Sadly he's now moved on, and the new boy has a lot to learn. He did find some shortbread for the blender, but the coffee concoctions were a tad claggy. Needed a J2O afterwards as a palate cleanser.

Friday tomorrow (actually five mins ago): should I go for the traditional full English at work, or will it be granola & yog?