EDitorial ± 22-Dec-2005

So This Is Festivus

Christmas Radio Times: check. Double edition NME: not as yet. Tijuana Christmas pumping out of the speakers: oh yes.

Been trying to track down a CD version of The Torero Band's seminal 1968 album for longer than is decent. Not helped by me thinking it was Herb Alpert all along, when it was actually a bunch of session musicians, apparently.

Then stumbled across a couple of MP3 tracks online --- very quickly downloaded and popped into iTunes --- which left me wanting the lot. Turns out that the guy behind the website had a lovely CD-R version available for a nominal fee: I was a very content bunny when this turned up in the post, c/w colour printed front & back covers.

In no time, had the dozen or so tracks into my 'Pod --- note that other MP3 players are available --- and now Hark The Herald follows me everywhere I go.