EDitorial ± 6-Jan-2006

When The Snow Comes To Cover The Ground

A sad sight at home is my empty 315g tub of vanilla flavoured marshmallow snowmen, tree & snow shapes.. Naturally, these weren't just marshmallows --- these were M&S Christmas marshmallows. Very good they were too, and I think I was a tad too generous in offering these to various kiddies. Still, there are other unopened nutrition-free goodies that came my way, including:
  • Fairco marshmallows --- soft & fluffy, 150g
  • Fairco mini marshmallows ---- soft & fluffy, 150g
  • mini Rocky Mountain marshmallows --- 28g
  • Van Damme marshmallows --- mmm..., mallows, 150g
  • Mellow Party stocking of marshmallows --- 200g
  • Van Lauren marshmallows --- orange & lemon, 200g
  • a marshmallow & jelly lolly --- codename Flora
  • misc. indiv. wrapped mallows from inside Darth Vader's head
Not to mention the coconut ice and the rose & violet creams.
Now, when's that next dental appointment?