EDitorial ± 10-Jan-2006

Matchbox Superfast? Hot Wheels?

Loop-the-loop model car action
Originally uploaded by freston.
Few months back I was scouring ebay for yet more memories of childhood, namely old Matchbox or Hot Wheels track for model cars. See, me & big bro used to have top fun with various yellow and orange straights, along which we used to whizz our mini motors. Sometimes down the stairs, and other times with the aid of our Super Booster.

But the likes of Hot Wheels don't seem to produce such straightforward sets nowadays, which is a great shame.

So I was thrilled to spot a loop-the-loop set in, of all places, the Tesco festive catalogue, and plonked it on my own Christmas list. That'll be fun over New Year, I thought.

Then it repeatedly failed to turn up under various decorated trees: loads of nice presents did, but not my yellow track.

So, come Saturday, off me & The Boy went to big Tesco. Not only did they still have the set - phew! - it was half-price! Ding dong.

Much retro fun over the rest of the weekend setting up track 1, then track 2, then track 3, racing one pullback car against the other, and boy do those cars go. Intrigued the cats too who placed themselves in the loops, pawing at the speeding autos.

Anyway, highly recommended for your small child, if you need an excuse.