EDitorial ± 2-Feb-2006

Tipping In The Ocean

Friend of mine lives out past Woodbridge near Hollesley Bay, current home of two neighbouring prisons --- one open, one high security --- and former home of that Archer fellow. He (the friend, not dear Jeffrey) mentioned that it's a short distance to Shingle Street from there, and that an 80s pop star had a house there. Said he'd heard an interview on Radio Suffolk over the Christmas period with this ex-celeb, who spent most of his time these days in the USofA. He thought this might be Nik Kershaw, so I emailed the radio station and sure enough, it wasn't.

At pretty much the same time I learned that an 80s pop star was due to play some rare live gigs in California, supporting The Beat. This chap was putting aside his polyphonic ringtone business for a few days to strut his stuff once more under the bright lights.

That man: Thomas Dolby, hero of mine for the last twenty or so years.

To quote Stephen Foster, champion of local music at Radio Suffolk,
"Did the interview in September. We sat on the beach at Shingle Street for the interview."
Cool, methinks. I believe Adam & Joe caught up with Mr Dolby many years ago at his seaside pad: dunno if that clip made it on to their highlights DVD. Mind you, as the incomparable Mark E. Smith recently said in Word magazine, never meet your heroes.