EDitorial ± 14-Feb-2006

Fleshy Green Flower Heads

The Boy was partying on Saturday at the local bowling alley. While he was absorbing huge quantities of sugar -- dessert consisted of doughnuts with chocolate sauce, sprinkles and ice cream, and he was mightily wired for the rest of the day -- I did the weekly shop in Morrison's next door.

Was impressed with they way they'd individually priced and shrink-wrapped the broccoli portions: that one 73p, this one 59p, etc. Most convenient, I thought. And I passed on this observation to GLW that evening. Oops, mistake.

Over packaging! Environmentally hostile! Green produce not greenly produced! But, I protested, don't you usually put the broccoli in a bag when you buy it? Apparently not. This developed further into general accusations against the big supermarkets until, thankfully, the subject was dropped. Phew.

So there we were like an old couple on Sunday night enjoying a very camp Marple adaptation with Emilia Fox wearing some stunning little numbers. Then there's a break, and on comes an ad for Morrison's showing a shopper reaching for a head of (open to the elements) broccoli...