EDitorial ± 16-Feb-2006

Size Matters

Half-term and a day off with those darn kids, going loco to Norwich. Now there's a city for you: they think they're just so GREAT with their jumped-up John Lewis and their fancy Forum (note: both rather good). Shame about the whole relegation thing last year. Not.

After some quality time in Borders, we took the castle museum by storm. Well, we bought a family ticket.

Had quite forgotten that there's loads to see within those walls. And while the kids were occupied with the Romans and Boudica, I slipped away for some modern art. Current expo is entitled Size Matters, or as the brochure has it typographically:

Apparently this "investigates the way in which contemporary British artists have experimented with scale". Or, to me and you, various big and little things. First up, just inside the door, was a moped, a bit like my dad's old Honda 70. Only this has a pizza box on the back, and the whole affair's 145% larger than it should be. Odd.

Other highlights: a shelf showing a tiny space panorama, c/w a teensy Airfix astronaut hanging from a thread; a wall-mounted miniature LED display listing lots of House Rules, eg no curling, no perming, no tanning; and a hugely long a wooden drawer containing, oh, a dozen compartments.

But star of the show had to be Hikiri Sawa's "Dwelling", a black and white video of jets and airlines flying, landing and taking off ... in someone's flat. Whoosh, down on to the dishwasher. Whee, through the living room. Hard to tear yourself away.