EDitorial ± 20-Feb-2006

Nineteen Items

For no good reason, twenty things (minus one) from today:
  1. it's 00:29, I should have been in bed 90 minutes ago, and my nose is cold
  2. leapfrogged a fellow cyclist on way to work, undertaking him twice and being overtaken twice; eventually pulled alongside and had a jolly chat for The Last Mile
  3. homemade chicken soup (for the soul) for lunch with Rose's bread rolls: tasty and mighty filling
  4. now listening to Andrew Collins' show from yesterday on 6 Music: he's just relaunched his blog, which is great for those of us who used to read his old one on the Beeb site
  5. curling at the 'lympics: women's team went out thanks to the Canadian captain "delivering a stone under great pressure"
  6. kiddies back to school, grudgingly, after half-term, all three of 'em still in uniform when I got back
  7. last of Saturday night's Oleron raspberry tart with mascarpone: yum
  8. bloke who refills the vending machine at work advised everyone not to touch the chicken soup: it's fowl, he said
  9. company website appeared in the top 10 relevant Google results for the first time, which was nice
  10. brought bike inside briefly to reaffix my Specialist lock which had decided to lose its grip on the saddle post
  11. Ben Sherman sneakers arrived in the post courtesy of eBay
  12. fun listening to The Boy reading his Biff & Chip (& Pin) book entitled Poor Old Mum to his poor old mum
  13. email arrived from a chap in search of a recording of that pirate sketch from The Million Pound Radio Show: was about to investigate turning my old cassette into an MP3 when his follow-up email arrived saying he'd found one
  14. ran out of (free) bananas in the office
  15. penultimate Life On Mars, and a death in the cell: gets ever better, IMHO
  16. hope to finish David Lodge's "Thinks" before closing my eyes tonight
  17. kittens enticed into kitchen with some M&S rabbit food: pure bunny, said GLW to the mogs
  18. endeavouring to drink more water in between hot caffeinated beverages; still slotting in one lemon & ginger teabag per day
  19. admiring Eldest's very first webpage today, My Pets!, featuring both puddytats and the fish

Item 20: there is no item 20.