EDitorial ± 28-Mar-2006

Mediocrity Is A Sin

Round Ranelagh Road recently, past the ever-growing car park of optimistic peeps bound for bingo and the Mercedes stroke Smart Car franchise (The Boy: "look at all those Minis"), chanced across this poster for the latest whizzy Alfa, the cryptically named 159. Any colour you like as long as it's black.

Such an ad wouldn't usually catch my eye -- I'm an A to B man, myself, except if C has a nice little tea shop selling homemade cakes -- but you live somewhere long enough and the name of your town leaps out and catches you in the capital I.

See how They, those cunning ad-men, have cunningly customised said billboard by adding the call-to-arms phrase IN IPSWICH MEDIOCRITY IS A SIN. You what? Think they've spent a lot of time here?

Now, you know what would be lovely? If anyone out there in Webland happens to see the same poster in their town, tailored to that particular place, send me a picture and we'll make our own online gallery.