EDitorial ± 3-Apr-2006

What Dads Do

Kiddies, esp. The Boy, have been big fans of the Dr Who comeback: got the DVDs, done the Brighton exhibition, know the lines. So was interested to see their reaction to this week's BBC4 broadcast of 1973's The Green Death.

There's Worzel Gummidge himself, Jon father of Sean, dressed at his most theatrical, and that's just his hair. And there's his not-Rose assistant with the Brigadier, a poor man's Captain Jack.

I thought they'd find it all a bit talky and slow-going, but they seemed to enjoy it. Liked the fluorescent green paint effects, the Doctor's funny little yellow car ("looks like Brum"), and his hand-to-hand combat skills. And they were intrigued by not knowing who was behind the strange computer voice.

Best of all they were grossed out by the maggoty ending. And to help them stay in their own beds tonight -- we shall see -- I secretly daubed some green poster paint on the back of my hand before presenting their bedtime digestive. Ugh, I don't feel too well, I lied, clasping my face. 'Tis what being a Dad is all about.

Update 4-Apr-2006 Two nights of retro sci-fi, and two nights of Doctor Who (bad) dreams for The Boy who's ended up in our bed. Haven't had the will or the energy to take him back so wake up pushed to the edge of the mattress with his elbow in my face.

Update 5-Apr-2006 Final instalment tonight, everyone enjoying The B.O.S.S. ("I am the computer!") and the wriggly maggots. Ten minutes to go, wifey gets a phone call, but never fear, we can pause live TV in our house, natch. In the break Boysy gets his jams on, I do the dishwasher, etc. Call ends -- now gone 8pm -- and someone manages to press the wrong button on the zapper. Telly whips forward to real time and the BBC4 news. Can we rewind? No, we can't: aaarrgh!