EDitorial ± 20-Apr-2006

B, C And NR

Way back in the mists, me & Jeff went to see the pretty obscure even back then I, Ludicrous somewhere in London, who were on the same bill as TV Smith, him from the Adverts (not to be confused with the TV Personalities). Still here?

It was at this gig that I saw a poster for an event just gone, a rare UK appearance by Thomas Dolby. That's a great shame, I thought, would have loved to have seen him play, but there'll be other times. So I waited, as did others. Then I waited some more.

Over a decade later, and TMDR is back. Back! BACK! Thank you, Smash Hits writers. He's been touring in the States for about a week -- tonight it's hello Portland -- with one solitary UK gig announced, and that as part of the much bigger Wireless Festival. I've been hitting the offical website most days waiting for other this-side-of-the-pond appearances to, well, appear. Last night, idling in the forum, spotted an entry headed London, and within that mention of a solo warm-up gig at The Scala. Book it, Danno!

This, after all, is the man who:

  • recorded My Favourite Album
  • still has a summer place at nearby Shingle Street
  • wore those glasses and that white suit back in the early 1980s
  • and who hasn't released any new original material for yonks, alas
Confirmed my booking this morning, and I am very, very pleased. All that and the dishwasher is doing once more. Hussah!