EDitorial ± 30-May-2006

You're An Action Figure

Not been up to The Smoke with the family for a while. Much pre-planning (the day before) meant we had reserved seats on the loco and knew precisely which bus to catch -- no. 26 from stop L -- to take us to the Bridge of Abba. Seated on the top deck, we expressly made our way along Fleet Street and past St Paul's, then hopped off and down to the riverside.

Don't remember the Eye capsules being swept with metal detectors last time. Good chance to take in some Dr Who locations for The Boy:

  • there's the clock tower (BB) that's hit by the Slitheen spaceship ("Aliens Of London")
  • in the distance is Lumic's Cyberman factory at Battersea ("The Age Of Steel")
  • and somewhere down there is home to the Nestene Consciousness ("Rose")
And back over the water by the front of the HP Sauce bottle, along Buckingham Gate to the Palace of the same name, and into the Wellington Arch just as the rain starts. Up the lift for a frighteningly close view of the largest bronze sculpture in Europe, or so I believe: crazy horses.

Come on kids, you can't be tired yet? Tubed it and walked a v. long tunnel all the way to a busy busy Science Museum. Paid our money to do the Pixar expo: pricey but well worth it. Lots of incredible Incredible designs, plus a stunning original 10 minute film taking a tour through some production sketches, and then there's the zoetrope. It's amazing: read the reviews.

And back on another punctual train in more seats of our own. Top day.