EDitorial ± 31-May-2006

It Makes People Disappear

Catch any of The Triangle, the Bank Holiday mini-series on the Beeb? It had everything: extreme weather, special effects galore, lots of people you couldn't quite place, and Sam Neill.

Suitably enough, we watched in a slightly time-delayed fashion over the three hour-and-a-bit parts and stayed the course. You had to feel for poor Lou Diamond, who could never be sure how many sons he had -- they kept disappearing -- no wonder he eventually sought out the reporter, a Michael J Fox lookalike (I should know) played by Eric Stoltz. Who, it turns out, originally had the part of Marty McFly, or so says the IMDb.

One of the other leads, the research scientist with the Oz accent, turned out to be the Scottish-voiced Mr Junior from Thomas & The Magic Railroad. And Sam Neill played not only himself, the medicinal sounding Benerall, but his dead brother Winston, distinguishable only by his cunning moustache.

Final thought: much of The Triangle was set in and around Miami, windswept and boggy. Remined me of Ely.