EDitorial ± 11-Jun-2006

World Cup 2006, Day 3

They say that those disposable BBQs are ready to go in about 15 minutes; they lie. A late and largely oven-grilled lunch outside, hence no sight of Holland scraping a 1-0 win over both Serbia & Montenegro. Love that conjunction. Waddyaknow, a Chelsea chap got the goal, he of the scarlet chest.

Friends gone by 5pm, so some token clearing up in and around the Mexico-Iran game. Good to see Golmohammadi bang one in from close range giving us the chance to admire the detailed work of the Persian embroiderer. That's a lot of lower-case letters to work onto one man's back. Also gratifying was the first brace to be scored at this year's tournament by a player with an entirely phonetic name, Mr Omar Bravo.

Last match of the day was on ITV, whoopee, with Andy "Pedestal" Townsend in the studio, double whoopee. In which Portugal failed to wipe the floor with Angola, despite Figo playing rather well, for once. Points of note:

  • both goalies were called Ricardo
  • Loco's hair: shaven-headed but for a fringe plopped on his forehead
  • compulsory Chelsea chap, Carvalho, failed to score
  • Ronaldo (not the goofy one) sulked like a big girl when he was subbed

Better go and see if those chicken thighs are done.