EDitorial ± 18-Jun-2006

World Cup 2006, Day 10

Early afternoon bore draw for Japan-Croatia. Frank Sidebottom should have been in Nuremberg to lead the crowd in a chant of nil-nil, nil-nil, nil-nil, nil-nil. Though the Jap penalty save was top-notch. Bizarre comment on Five Live about one of the Japanese players, not sure which one, having such a great left foot that he could open a tin of beans with it. Lost In Translation?

Rather rudely ignored the visiting in-laws to head inside for the hotly anticipated Brazil game v. Oz, ITV nabbing Shane Warne as a pundit. Got 20 minutes in without a single incident of note, though Ronaldo was seen to get the ball a couple of times (before losing it). Mickey, written out of Dr Who into the parallel world of the Cybermen, is currently to be seen between the sticks for Brazil, who began to turn it on a tad once they'd gone ahead. So a team, much fancied, faces heavy criticism at home despite winning their first games 1-0 and 2-0, thereby qualifying for the KO stage. Remind you of anybody?

Needed some early evening light relief so on went Ice Age, causing The Boy to very nearly wet himself guffawing at the opening sequence with Scrat and his precious acorn. Had the rest of us in stitches too, laughing at The Boy's giggles.

Later, tried the famous red button and got myself highlights of France, whose careers are heading rapidly south, up against South Korea. Did you see what I did there? Notable for King Henry scoring their first WC goal since, well, the ice age. A ce moment, la France ne marche pas.