EDitorial ± 21-Jun-2006

World Cup 2006, Day 13

Nearly, nearly for Angola -- a goal 'n' along a last, anagramatically. Scorer for the sub-Saharans was one Flavio Amado. Not that I've followed the charts for aeons -- yes, I killed Top Of The Pops -- but wasn't there a rapper called Flavio? My hit singles book (issue 14) is no use though has reminded me of a catchy and odd song from my younger days:

Wonder what's cooking at the house tonight
Stew and beans
— Flash And The Pan, Waiting For A Train

What was that all about? Why can't I buy it on iTunes now? Is the stew OK for veggies? And where was I? Enda nawa to the Bantu boys.

Had a Midsummer's Evening kickabout up the rec on the freshly cut grass with The Boy, assessing his fitness for Sunday's second round showdown. He could yet be the surprise package of the tournament with his nifty knee control.

Saw bits of the anti-goalfest non-match between two teams who'd already qualified. Riquelme, as you youngsters say, "rocked", and (to me at least) has a more than passing physical resemblance to Maradona. Confusingly, for someone of my years, any German director covering an Argentina game is mandated to cut away to a chubby-ish fella in the crowd wearing the famed blue and white shirt who also looks like "Boca" Diego.