EDitorial ± 8-Aug-2006

Eraser Ed

Admiring the very latest rubbers -- Frankie says titter ye not -- on offer in the catalogue with the see-through wrapper that popped through the post today. I'm on their mailing list, doncha know.

Frustration, "a slightly sticky surface" -- yep, that was my day. Struggled to get out from under the covers, suffered two long-winded encounters trying and failing to fix Outlook obscure obfuscations, forgot gizmo that lets me listen to soothing portable MP3 player sounds in the motor, and ended up following some L-plates.

Fog, "developed to strengthen the intensity" -- mentally not at the races. Late night with someone else's website made even later by several chapters of a gripping Alfred Bester sci-fi masterwork. Left eye also sore and sensitive thanks to what appears to be a stye, an infection of the hair follicle. I thought these went out in the 70s. Needs bringing to a head, so I read.

King Power Super Attack, "superb touch" -- it's Tuesday lunchtime, it's footy time. Unusually, found myself up the other end of the pitch. Put away a couple of sitters before skipping past a lone defender and wrong-footing their keeper, the ball rolling oh-so-slowly off the post and into the goal. Best moment of the day, no competition.

They've even been bold enough to put that catalogue online, if you dare.