EDitorial ± 13-Sep-2006

A Question Of Degrees

Want a fun half-hour? Mix together the following ingredients:

  • Eldest, first full week at big school and blood sugar plummeting having had no proper tea
  • Dad, hot from biking home in the heat yet with a stinking cold
  • Middler, understandably upset due to a wonky screen on her pink Nintendo DS
  • The Boy, understandably sulking having dropped aforementioned DS
  • wot no Mum thanks to a governor's meeting
  • Eldest's maths homework, set that day and due in the next

Only two questions -- how hard can this be? -- so here we go with question 1:

Draw a square and shade in 3/32 of its area

Not 3/4 -- too easy -- or 3/8, a tad harder. Nope, that would 3/32. Best to use graph paper if you've got some. I'll give you a minute. Figured it out? Let's move on to question 2:

Draw a pentagon and shade in 3/10 of its area

That's right, five sides, like something out of the old Dennis Wheatley books. Clue: you may need a protractor. Can you do it? That's life in the top set for year seven.