EDitorial ± 5-Oct-2006

TT0607, Week 4

Return of the classic BT Defiants line-up from around 1990: me, Ger-Ger-Grenvyle and Kevin. And we did about as well as we used to back in the day, scraping a 5-5 draw against two guys (including this fella).

Another (higher division) game was happening on the other side, leaving us, Team Muggins, with the table underneath the leaky roof. And it was raining tonight. Moved the table a bit but still had to mop up one of the drips every couple of minutes, pros that we are. Bet that doesn't happen in the Olympics.

Saved my best shot of the night for matchpoint, struggling to get back a fast serve down my backhand line. I dollied the ball several feet into the air, and watched as it landed plum on the net before dropping on to my opponent's side: he was not impressed. Meantime Kev got lots of 9s and a couple of 10s; just a shame that the game is up to 11. And most of Grenvyle was hurting, though perhaps that's the price of being outplayed.

Hugely pleased to once again have complete mastery of the car's central locking, and all it took was a new battery in the thingy. It knows I'm near, unlocks at a touch, and closes when I prod the handle. Three cheers for the humble CR2025.