EDitorial ± 9-Oct-2006

TT0607, Week 5

Left the kids in their newly acquired Asda's best Hallowe'en costumes, The Boy modelling his snazzy Batman mask and cape, to head out to right some wrongs and ping some pongs. Andy, tonight's designated driver, was aiming for mine at 7:15: all credit to him for being no more than 20 minutes late.

Out to Baylham village hall, which is found by heading to the middle of nowhere, then turning left. Us (Us, Us, Us) And Them both one player short, meaning just four singles games instead of the usual nine. Strictly speaking, meant to have a minimum of five players, but we're already both behind with the fixtures, so needs must.

Touch of the Scooby Doos with the rain hammering down, a storm doing its worst, and a creaking door. Plus plenty of bats, covered with expensive red and black rubber pimples. Arf!

To settle the up-for-grabs point between the absent players, we'd agreed to double up on the doubles. We won an end, they won an end, and so on, so it came down to the fifth and final game. Matchpoint to us, their guy put it short and high, and I put it away with a glorious backhand smash! Well, that's what happened in my imagination, 'cos actually I did a Weaky McWeak shot straight out of National Weak Week, the ball plopped into the net, then we lost on the deuce. Some you lose.