EDitorial ± 21-Nov-2006

Dolmio, October 2006

Today finds us three weeks / 21 days / 500 hours / 30,000 minutes through the 11th month. Christmas lights are on in town, mighty chilly this evening, and still have yet to do last month's Dolmio (Doings Of Last Month Innoparticular Order). Tut like an Egyptian.

That is to say, an attempt to capture past(a) events before they slip... my... mind. October 2006 was spent:

  • with the West Wing gone, adapting to Geena Davis as the eponymous Commander-In-Chief
  • fixing Spanish omelettes when nowt else in the house
  • learning loads about Apollo from Andrew Smith's marvellous Moondust
  • arriving about a year late to Lazy Sunday
  • admiring the sheer inventiveness of Cube
  • donning my luminescent Lidl yellow cycling top for winter
  • waiting for Robin Hood to catch light
  • attempting to clear accumulated cuddly toys, old books and general tat from the loft
  • avoiding the queues for a quick peek at the Book Of Kells
  • downloading Private Lawns by Angus & Julia Stone only to find it given away on a Word CD
  • giggling along at Jack Dee -- who'd have thought? -- in the fantastic Lead Balloon

And that was October 2006.