EDitorial ± 27-Nov-2006

TT0607, Week 11

When you're weary, feeling small, and there's trouble over Bridgwater, plus others continually beat you at ping-pong, you gotta do what the pros do -- go back to basics and dig out your lucky T-shirt.

Mine's a black and white effort that says "RAVE" and features logos for both BBC Radio Wales and BBC Radio Five. No Live, just Five. Dates back to the glorious if sonically dodgy days of R5 on AM -- we didn't have no DAB back then -- and a radio presenter who did a rather good Elvis impression. That DJ was Rob Brydon. Rave went out on a Friday night from 10.10 to midnight (adds my shirt), and had the odd phone-in comp. I think I may have recognised the intro to a Talking Heads track to secure my prize. I certainly remember standing in the kitchen waiting to speak, feeling nervous, listening to the live feed down the line. Simpler times.

Well, it made all the difference. Just me and JetSet Andy tonight aiming to drag the BT Defiants off the bottom of the table (shame) and, at the tenth time of asking, we finally won a game. No, seriously. And nice of our opponents not to field their best player. Me and the Tee had a jumpy if winning start, then beat their reserve player (the one with the hip replacement), and rounded off the night outspinning their third guy. Andy coulda shoulda also got a maximum, but hey, we'll take the victory.