EDitorial ± 2-Dec-2006

Advent, Meaning Commercial Outlet

Tis shortly, not quite yet, the season to be jolly. And surely, Shirley Shelley, nothing says Christmas more than the kiddies' advent calendars. That and the Playmobil non-nativity scenes that have swept aside the fruit bowls on top of the sideboard.

This year's Kinnerton concoctions -- carefully produced in a nut-free environment, they'll have us know -- all contain surprise gifts. Tickets to the Sound Of Music? iPod Shuffle? PS3 voucher? Or maybe, just maybe, an extra chunk of choc, and be grateful yer snivellin' kids.

There's (a) Winnie The Pooh for Middler, and look, both Pooh and Tigger have made the effort to wear festive red hats; (b) The Simpsons for Eldest, and lo, the family are sporting those same hats, AND they're singing carols, AND it's snowing, so score three Xmas points; and (c) for The Boy, er, it's erm, Pirates Of The Caribbean. Hey, there's Orlando as Will and Johnny as Jack, both with swords. Even the lovely Keira's relegated to the reverse. No prezzies, no white flakes, and not a whisper of the word "advent".

Makes you feel like penning a letter to the Daily Mail, doesn't it? This country (sounds of typing) is going to a very hot place (type type) in a handcart (carriage return). Concerned parent, Suffolk.