EDitorial ± 8-Feb-2007

TT0607, Week 18

Braces for me and AC (third week in a row) on a slushy night meant that team Defiant have gotten themselves, for the first time this season, an unbeaten run. Like Shakira's hips, those results don't lie: two draws on the trot. Go us!

Tonight's opponents, as I'd told KC beforehand, included someone he could beat. Not the guy who flips his bat so that your return dutifully dollies the ball up for him to wallop away. And not the chap who performed a flip of a different colour, going into a major sulk when one too many of AC's inevitable nets & edges drove him over the, erm, edge. But the other manny.

Kev could, and as wannabe Arvind pointed out over a pint of Explorer later, should have won. Apparently KC needs some yoga training to gain a more positive outlook. Or the carrot of a place in the doubles.