EDitorial ± 29-Mar-2007

TT0607, Week 15

A much-postponed game, a rainy evening trip in a failed MOT motor, and our ante-penultimate outing of the season. Played the same bunch six months back and garnered two lousy points; improved bigtime tonight with a narrow win. A win, I tell you! Almost certainly too little too late to drag us off the bottom, but hey.

Businesslike braces for AC and me -- to be truthful I was fortunate to come out top of a five-end marathon against their Danny Boy -- and a solitary point for Arvind. He got off to a flying start, trouncing his first opponent, then went down to their top guy Rob (who brushed all of us aside), and carried on going for his shots in his final match, too many of which hammered into the net. Calm down, we were urging him, but the blood was pumping.

Late finish so barely time for strawberry and caramel milkshakes. Arvind made several references to Mike, our other player. You mean Grenvyle? Or Kev? Yes, that's right, Kevin. Otherwise known as Mike.