EDitorial ± 5-Apr-2007

TT0607, Week 26

Only 202 days since our opening match and already it's goodnight Vienna. Not even time for one last look at the weather: shame 'cos it was a lovely sunny day, inc. a lunchtime outing on two wheels to Woodbridge. Had to return that library book else that darn Council will be hunting me down in their black helicopters.

Return match against bottom-of-the-league Kingsfleet tonight. That's right, latest table shows us second bottom, yay, the highest we've been for a while. And waddya know, it ended with the same score, the Defiants ending the season with a hat trick of 6-4 wins.

We all beat their replacement player, who understandably wondered why we weren't doing any better, a question we've asked ourselves often enough. Me and Arvind played to potential in beating their best guy, the kid in the side, and very satisfying it was too. And I stood alone in toppling tenacious Cyril, who epitomises the words "spry" and "canny". Good of Andy to turn up and buy a round, cough cough.

That's that for 0607. Roll on September and the new Defiants, aka the Vipers.