EDitorial ± 30-Apr-2007

Cycle Path Through Grange Farm, Kesgrave

My regular reader will know that I bike from Ipswich to Martlesham Heath most days, come rain or shine. Sometimes into the wind, like this morning's slog, other times with the wind, like this afternoon's supersonics. More than once, I've been asked what route I take, and that's when things get tricky. Turn off at The Bell, head past the school, left into 12 Acre Approach, and so on.

Time for a play with Google Maps to plot my particular path through Grange Farm, the Kesgrave estate that has a smaller Tesco at one end and a whacking great Tesco at the other.

There's a dead handy cyclepath -- or should that read "segregated pedestrian/cycle highway" -- known as Pilbroughs Walk, running between the houses and twice passing under Ropes Drive. Takes you all the way to Dobbs Lane and beyond. Follow the directions past the Gorseland Primary School and the Control Tower, keep going over the A12 pedestrian bridge, and you can pop out within spitting distance of BT.

Worst bit is the 200m stretch of unmade road (Grange Lane) leading to Dobbs Lane, comprising more potholes than tarmac. I gather from this chap's website that there are plans to convert this into an all weather surface, rather than the current collection of craters. Let's go with those compulsory purchases!